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Jagex looking to bring the improve the RS 3

RuneScape, released the multiplayer  runescape old school gold online role-playing game massively by Jagex announced that it will release a compatible version HTML 5 game call Runescape 3.

The new game is the beginning of the Sixth Age, where players have the option to set the target of the characters and the flow of battle with the week in the game options.

Effective change can also expect to make improvements in the overall visual quality, better lighting, distance and color should also help the loading time when you go to different areas of the game. The game is also an upgraded audio with a few new pieces of the Slovak Symphony Orchestra engine.

The good news is that Runescape 3 is the sequel so that you can keep your characters and statistics, if you can even use the Java client may want to eat Runescape since about 2004, although new visual enhancements will be lost if the do.

You can find more information about the update, expected Monday, July 22 to start by putting the banner on the top of the page.


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