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Old School God Wars Dungeon has been uncovered!

In the frozen wastes Old Shool Rs Gold north of Trollheim an injured adventurer waits. He has uncovered a secret dungeon which is home buy 2007 runescape goldto some of the most dangerous creatures ever to set foot… or claw in Old School Runescape.

Within this dungeon you 07 Rs Gold will find the champions of the Gods themselves. You and your friends will need to be steadfast and defiant in order to win through and be rewarded beyond your wildest imagination.

By defeating the four new Cheap 07 Rs Gold bosses, K’ril Tsutsaroth, Commander Zilyana, General Graardor and Kree’arra you have a chance of obtaining a legendary Godsword, the most powerful weapons known to Old School. Of course, it is not just Godswords you can get, you will also find new sets of high level melee and range armours and some more high level weapons, the Staff of the Dead and the Armadyl Crossbow.

In a poll with over 89% of the community voting for the God Wars Dungeon to be introduced to Old School Runescape, this update ushers in a new era of boss hunting and group gameplay.

In other news…

The following features for Rs 3 Gold which you voted in Poll 11 have been implemented:

An extra button has been added to the Cheap Rs3 Gold options menu, allowing you to disable the profanity filter.

Players who are in your chat-channel will appear as purple dots on the minimap.

The anti-fire potion gives a warning message before its effect expires, and another message when it has expired.

The bank now has a ‘Withdraw-All-but-one’ option. The various Withdraw and Deposit options have been re-ordered slightly in response to your feedback.

The Nightmare Zone reward shop now  cheap rs 2007 gold has Bank PIN protection.Buy Fire Cape


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