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Restore the old RS who won 160,000 votes

Since Friday, we have witnessed growing support for your project to restore the old RS who won 160,000 votes!

Congratulations! Our teams have already started working on the introduction of this service, we hope to give you the earliest possible date server availability. Rs gold are really very cheap from rsgoldore

However, the rate of votes seems to have slowed. Do not forget that you and your friends decide that the level of investment which this service benefit and potential subscription fees.

This is the vote of subscribers who will determine the future of RS to the old ! Furthermore, note that all players who participated in the survey will access the service free for the first month of use, regardless of the outcome of the survey. So it’s time to vote and encourage all your friends to do the same!

We will hold a Q & A session on Wednesday, speaking forums at 20:00 GMT. If you speak English, so grab this opportunity to ask all your questions on the back of the old RS.

To prepare for this live chat, we will open tomorrow wire special forum where you can ask questions to our team. This will allow us to ensure the presence of members of the team in the best position to answer your questions.

Again, congratulations on the return of the old RS! And if you have not voted yet, go to page survey .

The rsgoldore.com Team


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