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rsgoldore Bring Some Essential First Aid In Earthquake

Today rsgoldore bring some first aid in earthquake to everyone. When an earthquake occurs, it is essential to have a clear mind and calm attitude. Only sedation, it will be possible to use knowledge learned to determine the size and distance of the earthquake. Earthquake often start with the above bumpy. Generally small earthquakes and teleseismic do not have flight runescape gold While humans can not be completely avoided and control the earthquake, but as long as they can master the self-help and mutual aid skills, can make the disaster to a minimum. Summarize the following points:

1 Remain calm. In the earthquake, it was observed that a lot of innocent people is not be injured due to the collapse of the housing or crush injury to death, but because of a nervous breakdown, loss of hope of survival, extreme fear stifle himself. This is because shouting will accelerate metabolism, increase oxygen consumption, let physical decline, reduced tolerance. Shouting will inhaled a lot of smoke, it could easily lead to suffocation add unnecessary casualties. The correct attitude in any harsh environment is always to remain calm and analyze their environment, try to find a way out and waiting for rescue.

2 Bleeding, fixed crushing and crush injuries. External bleeding should call for help. Open fractures should not live reset to prevent reinjury of the organization, generally covering the wound with a clean gauze for simple fixed and then running. The type of fracture to be fixed according to different requirements. And with reference to different injuries, injury classification sent to hospital for further treatment.

3 Handle the wound properly. Crush injury, you should try to lift the weight as soon as possible, When encountered massive trauma, we need to keep the wound clean and bandaged the wound with a clean gauze, you should immediately contact with the hospital, timely diagnosis and treatment. Massive trauma and severe trauma can drink sugar and salt water to prevent shock occurs.


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