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RuneScape Clockwork Syringe pursuit of the slide drill

Clockwork pursuit of the syringe, old school runescape gold released on Monday February 28, 2013. RuneScape players need a high level of demand and essential items. This walkthrough covers the first part of RuneScape Gold. For this part, you will be sent to the house tablets or runes air, law, earth runes and some food. Wear good armor, good weapons. Try to enter into the spawning postie Pete portal. A package has been delivered to the house. Input and survey boxes.

Ta barrelchest MK II is in the box. It uses melee and ranged, so pray range can help. Its special attack, thereby reducing the healing of the Constitution. RuneScape players should pay attention to the small health meter map, rather than his health, in order to avoid death. As a result of this particular attack, this is the best, try to attack stack and kill as quickly as possible barrelchest.

Talk about the house repaired, and then ask the zombie head of the real estate agent. Given the order to use 07 runescape gold  the option, and then click charge, when others are no longer any options when the zombies head talks now when access Bill taught in the second part of the Clockwork Syringe pursuit.


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