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RuneScape has released Hati and Skoll to the game

Runescape 07 Gold has released Hati and Skoll to the game. Unlike the previous years, there are no new events, just the two from last year. The January 14, 2013 release is the first release of Skoll since the release of evolution of combat (EOC.)

See the RuneScape Skoll wolf guide for details and a slideshow of some pre-EOC nostalgia. Below are the changes that are noteworthy post EOC.

Skoll is immune to stuns and weak to fire spells specifically. He therefore should be maged but can also be meleed.

Skoll’s attack when the rocks at the corners of the flame square explode no longer is a concern; it hits at pre-EOC levels. Bring several pieces of good food, but leave room for logs.

A shortcut could involve rellekka tablets and  buy rs gold a bank teleport; simply build the fire 28 logs at a time, then grab the food on the final run.


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