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Send us your RuneScape 3 screenshots!

The official release of buy rs 2007 gold has approaching! On this occasion, we are conducting a new trailer to show the world the wonders of RuneScape 3 and its new HTML5 engine Thurs

The hero of this trailer traveling in places iconic beautiful landscape of RuneScape. If you were to create such a trailer, what places do you think deserve to be honored? What elements should at all costs be included? RuneScape is a universe so rich that the choice will be difficult!

RuneScape 3 is your game, and we’d love your help to create this trailer!

You want to give us your opinion on what to include in the trailer? Send us the images that represent for you emblematic places of breathtaking panoramas or essential aspects of the game we all look at screenshots to determine the course of our heroes through different regions of Gielinor.

To send us your screenshots, it is very simple: download your images to your Facebook account and use the Identify option to enter “RuneScape” in the image. To learn more about the identification in Facebook, see this handy guide .

Each participant can send us a maximum of 3 screenshots, do not forget to include a brief description of the elements that the image is supposed to highlight. For more information on how to participate, see this thread Forum (English only) .

Only a few seconds to take a screenshot which could prove to be the perfect picture we are looking for! Then send us your images and help us create a trailer shaped by the RuneScape community! cheap old school rs gold: send us your screenshots! And win for yourself.


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