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Some tips for why ur acc get hacked

Recently , there are so many  rs gold 2007 people out there getting their runecape acc hacked, per day due to many of these methods, I hope making this article will help u or at least some of those people, this is a very vague explanation of what these are and I may not got it all 100% sure so pls nice to me ^-^

1.Java driveby

Java Driveby’s are one of the hardest to detect. You won’t actually know that it’s infecting you and you won’t be able to tell if it is a clean applet or not. Generally you shouldn’t go on any website that you do not trust or any runescape IRC channel. If you want to use a IRC channel then download mirc which is a piece of free IRC software. Generally Java driveby’s place a Keylogger/Rat onto your computer. I’ve even seen some RSPS’s (Runescape Private Servers) that inject your computer with Rats/ Keyloggers so be careful with what you join.


Most phishing is done by posting threads to something that people would generally like to see on forums like these. It’s pretty easy to know what is real or fake because all you have to do it scroll over it or copy the link into notepad and make sure it’s runescape.com. If you spot a phisher, it’s good to report it to it’s host so it is taken down.

3.The Team Viewer scam

Team Viewer is one of the most insecure types of software I’ve ever come across. It’s only good in case you want to help a friend fix their computer or something similar to this. If you really want to view their screen ask for a screenshot or use the function through MSN.

Team Viewer allows the other party to have almost full control over what is sent to and sent out by your computer. Most people will infect you with a keylogger or a RAT using this method and you won’t even realise you have the keylogger unless you scan your computer.

4.Host File Editing

This happens very rarely and you would have to be infected by a program such as a RAT before this happens. Editing runescape.com to a phishing site makes it so you will not even notice that you are on another website other than runescape until your password has been changed. Check the page source if you suspect that it isn’t the real runescape site for anything related to hosting or a free host such as t35.

5.The email phishing scam

There has been plenty of threads like this of people going around asking if these emails are legit and from Jagex, they are not. These emails are from people that go through runescape member list forums and send mass emails out with links to phishing sites. Jagex will almost never send you emails and if they did there would also be a message in your inbox on runescape.com.

6.Keyloggers / Rats

Keyloggers / Rats are the worst of all. Thousands of people get them and most virus scanners will not detect them. Most people get them from downloading off non-trusted sites or off a YouTube video. The file could be of any format because I have even seen someone bind a Keylogger to a text document. Most keyloggers market their video’s on Youtube as the following things:

• Free runescape Hacks

• Runescape Money hacks

• Runescape member pin generators

• iDungeon bot

and many more if u are infected by the above issures , I highly recommended u to keep the tips in mind , try to avoid it ,good luck to u and happy game 🙂


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