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Special offers for members

The RuneScape 3 has been tested for nearly a month, players are huge excited about the new contents in this version. During the game, you may buy runescape gold cheap  need to buy runescape gold to make your greatest adventure more amazing, here I will introduce the membership system of www.rsgoldore.com to you in detail so that you can have a delightful shopping experience in our store.

1. Free to join us

Remember, we will not charge you, it is free to join us. Our official site is www.rsgoldore.com, make sure the URL you input is correct when you are making a registration. We will take no responsibility for your loss due to your careless.

2. Special offers for members

We have various sorts of promotions for our registered members, such as discount activity and coupon-releasing activity, so it is strongly recommended that you make a registration to become our member to enjoy these privileges. These activities are held regularly, related news will be posted at the first time, so you need to focus on the news center in the site, or you probably miss it.

3. Member points rule

Each time you place an order in our store, corresponding member points will be released to your account. When reaching a certain amount, these points can be used to exchange for RuneScape gold or other RuneScape products. What you should keep in mind is that there is a deadline, so you should use it as soon as possible, or your member points will become invalid.

4. Service of personal center

After you make a registration, you can check all your information in your personal center. If these are any new activities in the near future, we will send you a message to inform you. Besides, you can also track your order to get the latest information of your order in the personal center.

If you still have any question, you can contact our Live Chat, they are glad to help you. We hope you will have a very pleasant journey in our store.


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