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Start of RuneScape 3 Many improvements and HTML5

Nine years have passed since the release of RuneScape 2 the coming of the 2001 classic version of the online role-playing game donated to extensive update. Now the developer Jagex have put on and released after a long wait of fans RuneScape 3 on the live servers. Made possibleness this development which the continued support of the community. Here did more than ten people interested in the future of the product Reveals a new overview page. This not only sums up that so far 220 million accounts have been created, but so reports of 208 dying every minute or bosses to increase enlarge average of 39 players within 60 seconds. For the development of  rs2gold  Concentrated THEREFORE we have all resources. Put 6.7 million hours of work and about 421,000 lines of code in the final version.

According extensive case from the changes and innovations. Solely on the technical side, makes a new piano to feel with orchestral soundtrack and the new camera work felt – apart from refurbished interface and is located in the HTML5 beta client. Content, the player will have a Greater impact and many other method to get rs 3 gold on the course of history. The first makes the release of RuneScape 3, the Battle of Lumbridge Accompanying a dispute between two factions. The trailer for the MMORPG we want you naturally nor denied as just read description of the new features.


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