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The improvement of bucket

As we speak, hundreds of fans gathered in London tobacco wharf’s annual event: RUNESCAPE RuneFest 3!If you  rs gold 2007 can’t let it, never fear! Head to the site or tic channel feast your eyes on our comprehensive, completely free of real-time flow RuneFest!From 11 am to late at night, we will bring you an interview, game frame and lenses, away from the floor RuneFest, so you can enjoy a comfortable atmosphere from their homes.

If you go out in the outside, you can even watch RuneFest in tablet or smartphone. To know more details from http://www.4rsgold.com/ seizure free full details of mobile applications.This will be a red-letter day, so don’t miss a minute – fire up RuneFest ripple in now!

D&D tracking

In November we will add a whole new way to track important daily, weekly and monthly distraction and divert the whole RUNESCAPE.Floating day do not know when the next time you can go to attack a sinkhole, stop the troll invasion, establish a statue, a vicious cut down a tree or perform amazing feats, the circus acrobats – D&D tracking check!As you can see, the new track in adventure the mini games TAB of the interface.You can quickly see which activities, you can replay now, before long, until they will reset.You can choose your favorite even D & D and let them together in a convenient list!

Weeks of treatment, we will grant a reward every day in the form repeats the token, you can pick up the challenge of munitions Burthorpe. Every day, you will be able to get a token to reset your choice of daily activities, plus a random repeats one token and glorious D & departments!This matter, it is recommended that you as a function of a game for a while now, – you know – we are keen to give you what you want.Hope this will give you a few less things to worry about, consider to the malignant barros brothers at the same time.

The improvement of bucket

When it comes to your advice, we have been busy combing BBS, fan site, YouTube, and wading into the creation of the original soup to find a dream a pile to improve the game.All of these are you have told us, it is important to you…So we join their game.The list is really huge, but here are some of our favorites:

Have the ability to remove any cosmetic cover (so you can choose whether to show any non PVP areas old equipment slot) slot. The ability to add annotations, list of individuals and ignore your friends list. A fashionable new records of the animation. Graphical improvements to select expression.The new achievements for the adventurer log. A new “Liang Zhiguang” animation, when you get a drop is worth more than 1 million. Hit more than 99 milestone achievement of fireworks, to 25 m XP. Activation of the aura, will ignore the “” in bank deposits. Drag and drag the mouse bank and beasts of burden inventory, allow Banks to sorting and inventory management more easily.

We will make a lot of improvement Coinshare system.We are doing these changes, because the current system of forced some of the items have different behavior than the “real” in the market, we are confident that our upcoming changes will solve these economic problems.For more information, please continue to pay attention!We are doing some big upgrade to map of the world.We know that sometimes slow and difficult to use it, so it loads faster, more responsive.We also added some new area, to help you find the content you are looking for!

Barros rise – six


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