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The reasons for that are carried out these attacks are many

Many of you are experiencing intermittent connection problems with game servers, resulting in disconnections and long delays. I wanted to make you aware of the setback that we are facing, and the measures being undertaken to stabilize the situation.

For over a year, our game is target of numerous DDoS attacks. For those unfamiliar with this term, a denial of service, or DDoS for its acronym in English, is one that is directed to an online service like www.rsgoldore.com, and is designed to block the website, forums or play. Thus, the services become unavailable to legitimate users. The techniques may vary, but typically, a DDoS attack is generated by saturating the online service with unwanted information. Unfortunately, it is a plague in increasing growth within the industry, against which they have to fight many other online services, and RuneScape is one of the biggest targets.

The reasons for that are carried out these attacks are many, buy runescape gold cheap but the end result is the same. The surge of these attacks coincides with the elimination of bots and gold collection. This also resulted in an increase of immature users participating in forums malicious as ” bugabuse ” and who are dedicated to launch this type of attack and steal from many players, for the sole purpose of hurting the game.

I wanted to take this opportunity to assure you that we have fought, are fighting and will fight with all our strength to prevent these attacks affect your gaming experience and playability. Recently, we conducted a multi-million dollar investment in our global computing infrastructure to take care of these continued attacks, and we are working with various security software providers to eradicate the problem. Moreover, we are cooperating with international law enforcement agencies to bring the perpetrators to justice.


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