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The rightful inheritance dwarfs in runescape

This week, we present the rightful inheritance dwarves  2007 Runescape Gold , the fifth and final quest in the series of the Red Axe.

This elite quest has been selected by you, and it will offer a lot of enemies, activities and rewards designed by the RuneScape community. It will mark the dramatic end of one of the most developed and most popular scenarios of RuneScape. You will have to engage in tough fights and make decisions that affect the fate of the characters of the quest. The game, however, will be worth with splendid rewards, such as access to three new dragon weapons, a new monster and a new D & D mine magma can earn you a Imcando pick will destroy the ore by you earn more XP.

Veldaban , the former commander of the Black Guard Keldagrim is a very determined dwarf. After returning peace and stability in the city during the first quests in the series of the Red Axe, he is left with a problem to solve. Hreidmar , the infamous leader of the Red Axe, and his arm -law, Colonel Grimsson are indeed still on the run. Veldaban was determined to find them before they strike again.

Following the tracks available Veldaban, you will eliminate dissidents individuals in the dwarf population, fight Ikadia , Chief chaos druids designed by players, to discover more about the origins of the dwarves of chaos, and engage in combat with the Red ax in the most difficult we have implemented to date battles. With heavy fighting between armed underground in tunnels and brutal confrontations against bosses, this quest will no doubt your courage and talent to the test.

During the quest, you will need to make difficult decisions that will determine the fate of several dwarf Keldagrim, some of which will look familiar to fans of the series of the Red Axe. Ultimately, it will be your actions and decisions that will shape the future of Keldagrim.


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