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This is the progress of myths of the white lands strategy in runescape

This quest is used to replace the quest that rescue the Prince. Now, it is free to enter the desert.

Degree of difficulty: Easy

Length: relatively short

Preparation: Nothing is needed

Requirements: you can defeat three little soldier whose level is 2 (you have two NPC to help you in the fight)

Find the Ozan in Dranynor Village and talk to him to start the quest. Enter the room  rs gold 2007 beside him and open the authentic cover. Find the Khum and talk to him. Ask him the entire question and then find the Ozan who will help you to track Khum. After a while, the Khnum will leave the room; you and Ozan should follow him and go along the green route. Note that you should not be too clse to Khnum, otherwise he will perceive. After all of you enter the room of B, there will be a woman you should to talk with her and get her name Leela.

Then, get out of the house and go farther south to reach C. You will see a group of people at the beach and there is a period of animation. Lady Keli kidnapped several people and bring them to board, leveing three guards whose level is 2. You should kill the guards together with Ozen and Leela. There will fall a sliver when you kill the last guard. Pick up it and get the information.

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