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This is very disappointing

Away from “TERA” be released in Europe and the operation of the time still have more than one month of time, and rs gold  in the Tera gold “North America recently served BBS administrator Minea in BBS in post says, in the game at the beginning of the operation, the official in the Diablo3 gold game won’t add the PVP battlefield.For those who love PVP activities of the players, this is very disappointing, but that doesn’t mean the game won’t have to join the future battlefield, he also said in the late summer of this year will PVP battlefield will join.Minea said, the sudden change is hope get more development time, so that in the future when the official release battlefield is more perfect, interesting. For players, in the battlefield before release, you had to public world PVP and guild of activities between PVP.


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