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Which had a low average population

As you may have spotted, as part of this week’s game update old school runescape gold we converted two worlds into Skill Total worlds, requiring players have at least a total skill at 2000 and 2400 to get access.

Back in late 2012 we asked you for recommendations for updating the world list, and this resulted in the big refresh in December. Even though there were a many requests for more Skill Total worlds, we had to leave them out of that update due to time constraints.

However we hadn’t forgotten your feedback and have now been able to implement them. We chose to replace worlds which had a low average population so this change should have minimal disruptive impact, but we’re sorry to anyone who was displaced.

This is a bit of a test for us; there was a big demand for Skill Total worlds, but there is also a chance for segregating parts of the community. We’ll keep an eye on how it goes and also be very keen to hear your feedback over the coming weeks.


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