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Which It then christened Gielinor

In the First Age, the “blank plane” of old school rs gold was discovered by the god Guthix, which It then christened Gielinor. It shaped it as It saw fitting, and created savage life forms. It was Guthix who brought Humans to Gielinor from another world, which some believe is Earth. It then created Runes for the Humans using the Stone of Jas. Gielinor was thus dubbed RuneScape by the Humans after Guthix created Runes for them. Some of the oldest intelligent races by that time were the TzHaar and Elves. Elves supposedly arrived in Gielinor through the World Gate, led by Seren, while TzHaar race was created when a “volcano shook the foundation of the earth”. After completing Its work, Guthix went into a deep “slumber”, unaware of what was going on for the next few thousand years.

Thus ended the First Age.

Shortly after, Zaros, “The Empty Lord”, several members of the Desert Pantheon, and possibly several other gods, including Armadyl, god of peace, arrived on this plane. The Mahjarrat also arrived from Freneskae, and took up under the lead of Icthlarin, son of the desert god.

The First Age lasted roughly 4,000 years, from the finding of the “blank plane” to the deep slumber of Guthix.

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