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WoW In-game Store Confirmed, Buy WoW Gold for In-game Microtransactions!

Since the experience potion datamied, most of WoW players are speculating about the WoW in-game purchase system, and now, we get the official announcement! It’s confirmed that there will be an in-game store and we’re able to expect the new microtransaction system first in the Public Test Realm, the cross the Asia, and then maybe in the whole servers. Gain cheap fast wow gold on safewow buy rs gold , kick off enjoying Microtransactions in wow world!

WoW In-game Purchase System Confirmed

Community manager Bashiok has now confirmed on WoW official forums that there is an in-game store coming! With the new in-game store, players will be able to enjoy the convenience of making purchase without having to leave the game, and this is ultimately the long-term goal the developers want for the game system! Bashiok stated that several new kinds of items will be introduced at the outset, and will be introduced in Asian regions, and it would take some time to retrofit the existing web store items to in-game system. He also clarified that the item additions to the store will be based on players feedbacks, and will focus on convenience of selling items rather than actual power.

The developers’ decision to start out the in-game store in Asia might be on the consideration that most of recent subscriber drop was in Asia, and this decision might be probably right. Asian realms get a different business model than others, where players pay by the hour, and most of new players are not willing to play hourly in order to catch up with existing players. No word on when/if these features will make their way to Europe or North America, yet we would just guess if the in-game purchase system goes great, it would finally be used for Europe or North America.

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