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You feel a little depressed and alone in the world

Nothing like a good barbecue when the sun shines, is not it? It is now possible to make an in Gielinor! The new  rs gold 2007summer barbecue is a portable cooking stove. Place it wherever you want and you will benefit from all the advantages of a traditional stove, and a bonus of 10% extra XP. And as each copy can be used up to 999 times, the embers of your barbecue does not cool down anytime soon!

After a delicious barbecue, how about you finish your meal with a good ice cream cone on your head …? Kai-Kai added the new

cone ice cap, which has the advantage of protecting against dehydration … rather handy when crossing the desert Kharidian! It also includes ten loads of food, which will be welcome when the munchies!

Finally, tell your friends your current mood with your sun or personal storm cloud floating above your head. You feel cheerful mood? The ring summer sun form a small solar orb conferring a +2 bonus to all your specifications defense when you wear it.

You feel a little depressed and alone in the world? Try the ring summer storm ! It will form a small rain cloud over your head will be visible to all. But do not bother moping, because the ring of summer storm will give a +2 to all stats attack when you wear it. It would be crazy to provoke you into a bad day!

When we move into 2013, we will remove from play all effects that give these objects once they become purely decorative. In addition, if you lose or destroy these objects in case of death, you can obtain additional copies from Diango to Draynor, but you will be their decorative versions.


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